Decision Analysis for Natural Resources Certificate Program


Target Audience:

Natural resource practitioners and conservation professionals who would like to obtain knowledge and tools in the field of decision analysis.

Summary and Objectives:

The National Conservation Training Center's (NCTC) Decision Analysis for Natural Resources Certificate Program (DANRCP) is designed to provide conservation professionals with a foundational background in decision theory and associated analytical and facilitative tools. It offers the participant an opportunity to explore two learning pathways focused on either quantitative or facilitative decision analysis. The quantitative pathway builds basic skills in decision theory and the use of analytical tools to support the decision analysis process. The facilitative pathway builds basic skills in decision theory with a focus on facilitating decision analysis.

Upon completion of the DANRCP, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the fundamental elements of decision analysis by deconstructing a decision into constituent elements, developing those elements, and integrating them again to reach a recommendation.
  • Understand, apply and practice decision tools and techniques used for different types of situations and problems.
  • Identify decision making practices that are feasible and beneficial to incorporate in your everyday work.
  • Provide decision analysis support to smaller, less complex problems.

Competency Addressed: 

Decision Making - Basic, Decision Support - Basic, Self-Management - Intermediate

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