Field Data Capture using ArcGIS Mobile Suite


Target Audience:

Natural resource professionals with basic understanding of GIS and at least 3 months experience using ArcGIS Pro software.

Summary and Objectives:

Learn how to design, configure, and deploy ArcGIS field data collection apps including new Field Maps (replaces Collector) and Survey123. You'll learn how to design and test field data capture processes using your own Android or IOS mobile device (yes, you'll actually capture some data!). Learn how to design and use both map and form-driven collection processes. Get tips and tricks about common snags before you see them. Configure an online dashboard to monitor and analyze progress. Explore assignment tools to leverage in group processes.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Deploy apps to a mobile device.
  • Quickly capture real-time field data and observations.
  • Design a web map for map-driven data collection.
  • Design a survey for form-driven data collection.
  • Configure a dashboard to monitor and analyze data collection progress.
  • Explore assignment tools.
  • Know best practices, tips, and tricks.
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22.5 hours
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