FWS National Realty Training Workshop


Target Audience:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Realty program employees and employees whose primary responsibilities are to support the Realty program. 

Summary and Objectives:

This 3.5-day in person National Realty Training Workshop provides the opportunity for all U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Realty program employees to collaborate, learn, train, and engage in a variety of realty and land acquisition topics and skills.  Training sessions will follow multiple tracks to focus on land acquisitions, cartography, surveying, and budget and administrative disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary sessions that are more universally relevant to realty staff. The workshop will feature plenary presentations, lightning talks from FWS Realty program panelists, sessions highlighting FWS Realty work across the Regions, and demonstration and practice sessions.  This is a great opportunity for participants to network and collaborate, share solutions, and prepare  for the future of the Service’s Realty program. 

Registration for this workshop is for FWS Realty Personnel and done by nomination.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the appropriate and current guidance to support the mission of wildlife conservation across the Service. 
  • Apply collaborative skills to network and partner with stakeholders and colleagues throughout the FWS Regions. 
  • Identify subject matter experts across Realty program disciplines to enhance collaboration and support Realty’s land conservation mission. 
  • Identify multiple options and paths forward regarding specific, real-world Realty program challenges.

Competency addressed: 

Real Estate - Basic, Collaboration - Basic, Communication - Basic, Natural Resource Management - Basic

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28 hours
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