MOCC - Motorboat Operator Refresher


Target Audience:

Any person operating Service watercraft and who is approaching the five year point requiring refresher training.

Summary and Objectives:

The refresher training provides motorboat operators with updated information on new equipment, trends, and techniques in watercraft operation. It also provides a check of the operator's skills to ensure that individuals are able to safely operate motorboats in their expected work environment.

The refresher training includes two modules:

  • Online instruction that assesses the operator's knowledge of safe boating, and
  • Self-certification of the operator's practical skills and abilities to operate a motorboat.
    • Significant proven and safe operation of motorboats since completing the MOCC. This may be selected if the individual operates boats regularly as a normal part of their job.
    • Hands-on demonstration of boating exercises in the presence of a DOI-certified instructor. This should be selected if the individual operates boats occasionally as a normal part of their job.
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4 hours
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