MOCC - Non-Motorized Module (NMM) Blended


Target Audience:

The MOCC - Non-Motorized Module (NMTM) is required for any person operating DOI non-motorized watercraft.

Summary and Objectives:

The NMM minimum standards are for introductory courses on the safe operation of nonmotorized watercraft. Since water conditions and boat types vary widely, NMM's will provide operators with practical safety training pertinent to the watercraft and environmental conditions in which the watercraft will be operated. Completion of the MOCC is not a prerequisite for the NMM.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe water dynamics and how it affects non-motorized watercraft.
  • Describe non-motorized watercraft, their applications, transport, and maintenance requirements.
  • Discuss and describe the safety and risk management elements to consider when operating nonmotorized watercraft.
  • Demonstrate the proper use of safety equipment and other accessories.
  • Describe problems encountered on the water and demonstrate maneuvers if caught in a problematic situation.
  • Perform maneuvers & emergency procedures in non-motorized watercraft.

Competency Addressed: 

safety - introductory

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4 hours
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