National Native Relations Training


Target Audience: 

GS 15 FWS Leadership 

Summary and Objectives: 

Native peoples have lived from, with, and as a part of the environment since time immemorial, and as such, have a direct connection to the USFWS mission. During this immersive training, USFWS leaders will explore ways to honor our nation-to-nation relationship and engage directly with Elders and Tribal Leaders to build trust and respect through culture and knowledge sharing. Service leaders will commit to a process that takes Indigenous knowledge and culture to heart when addressing the challenges we face: health, economic, racial justice, and climate crises — all of which disproportionately impact Native Americans, Alaska Native people, s and Native Hawaiians Communities. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the basis of the federal trust relationship and responsibility to Tribes including the USFWS Native American Policy.
  • Eliminate barriers and build trust and respect with Native peoples by developing an awareness of different cultures and communication styles. 
  • Describe the concept of Indigenous Knowledge and its importance to Native people.  
  • Understand the USFWS commitment to Native American self-determination and support for strengthening such with Tribes through a collaborative and co-management partnership.
  • Identify ways the USFWS can work with Tribes and Native Peoples to collaboratively steward natural and cultural resources (co-stewardship).

Competency Addressed: 

Communication - Basic, Empathy - Basic, Listening - Basic, Partnering - Basic, Relationship Management - Basic

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Training Tuition Cost
36 hours
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