Resist-Accept-Direct Workshop


Target Audience: 

FWS Natural Resource Managers, Natural Resource Decision-makers, and Biologists. 

Summary and Objectives: 

The Resist-Accept-Direct Framework is rapidly becoming a normalized decision framework throughout the Department of the Interior. In order to make the framework accessible to the Service, RAD Workshops will apply the framework to regional and local land management questions with expertise from across DOI.  

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:  

  • Identify ecological transformations that pose challenges and opportunities for future planning. 
  • Evaluate local and landscape-scale conservation goals from the perspectives of statutory endangered species management requirements, budget, social feasibility, and climate projections. 
  • Identify possible adaptation options based on vulnerability information and other management considerations. 
  • Evaluate the feasibility of traditional conservation actions designed to keep an ecosystem consistent with its historical baseline(s). 
  • Effectively communicate with leadership and the public by telling a clear and compelling story about how a conservation project is designed to achieve climate adaptation outcomes. 


Competency Addressed:  

Planning and Evaluating - Basic, Landscape Ecology - Basic, Facilitation – Awareness 

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35.0 hours
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