Science Communication: Crafting Your Message


Target Audience:

Biologists, project managers, or anyone who needs to communicate about science.

Summary and Objectives:

This interactive online class will help you share what you do, what you know, and most importantly, why it matters in clear, lively terms. Grounded in the latest research on science communication, each session is designed to help you find the relevance of your science for the audiences you most want to reach journalists, policymakers, the public, and even other biologists. You will learn how to engage with diverse audiences and distill and frame your message using a communications tool called the Message Box.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key messages arising from your professional activities or research, with an emphasis on explaining the "so what?" of your work.
  • Craft a focused message for a specific audience using the Message Box-a communications tool. * Clearly communicate about uncertainty instead of shying away from it.
  • Use storytelling techniques to create memorable messages.
  • Recognize "sneaky jargon" and replace it with better words your audience can understand.
  • Develop "super sticky snippets" that help an audience relate to your message.

Competency Addressed:

Communication - Basic, Communicating Science - Intermediate, Communications and Media - Basic, Oral Communication - Basic, Speaking - Awareness, Writing - Awareness, Written Communication - Basic

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5.0 hours
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