USFWS Museum Property


Target Audience:  

Project leaders and their assistants, Regional Office program managers and staff, and other Refuge, Realty or Ecological Services staff involved in management activities affecting the identification and protection of museum property.  

Summary and Objectives:  

This course is a two-week online course that will introduce participants to the requirements for cataloging, maintaining, and displaying items that may be of historic/cultural importance. Participants will also be able to identify the different categories of historic/cultural importance in order to be able to correctly identify these items. Coursework will be completed through the online Moodle format and will consist of videos, readings, and activities.  

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:  

  • Recognize property categories that can contain historic/culturally important items. 
  • Understand the requirements for collection and maintenance of property determined to be of historic/cultural importance. 
  • Properly comply with regulations regarding museum property. 

Competencies Addressed: 

Compliance - Awareness, History and Archaeology - Basic, Administrative Law - Awareness, Asset Management - Basic

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20 hours
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