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The akikiki is a small Hawaiian honeycreeper found only on Kauai. It is 10.9 to 12.2 centimeters (4.3 to 4.8 inches) in length and 11.5 to 17.0 grams (0.39 to 0.58 ounces) in weight. Its head, back, sides, and flanks are dull gray to olive, the throat, breast, belly, and under-tail coverts are white to off-white. The bill is short and slightly down-curved, the tail is short and square-tipped, and the legs, feet, nails, and bill are dull pink. Male and female plumages are identical. Juveniles are similar to adults but are distinguishable by white "spectacles" around the eyes. The song is a short, descending trill. Males and females give a soft “whit” contact call (Foster et. a1. 2000).

Scientific Name

Oreomystis bairdi
Common Name
Kauai Creeper
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