Realty Academy


Target Audience:

Nominations should be based on the following priorities:

  1.  Entry-level realty and support positions (e.g., realty assistant, cartographic technician, administrative support, etc.);
  2.  Employees in higher graded positions who are relatively new to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's land acquisition program (e.g., legal instrument examiner, paralegal, land surveyor, program analyst, realty specialist, etc.) who have not previously attended the Academy; and
  3.  If space is available, Department of the Interior Office of Valuation Services staff and other Refuge System employees in positions supporting Service land protection objectives.

Summary and Objectives:

The Realty Academy is designed to lay a working foundation for Service realty professionals and support staff. This 2-week course provides an overview of the tools, resources, and processes necessary for employees to understand their roles in fulfilling the missions of the Division of Realty, the Refuge System, and the Service. In addition, the Realty Academy is designed to build understanding and cooperation among the diverse realty disciplines.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basic principles of federal real estate law that affect the Service.
  • Identify key legislation, regulations, and guidance that directs Service land acquisition and disposal policies and practices.
  • Describe key components and offices of the Service Realty Program and how they fit together.
  • Define and participate in major elements of a land acquisition scenario, including planning, survey, mapping, appraisal, negotiation, acquisition, relocation, and inventory.



Acquisition Strategy - Awareness, Public Planning - Basic, Real Estate - Intermediate, Surveying - Basic, Data Interpretation - Awareness

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80 hours
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